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What 2018 Has Taught Me So Far.

This year has gone so fast than ever. A lot of things happened in my life. A good thing I can see in this year is I read a lot of books, study books and others. I learnt a lot from them and I gained many new perspectives.

I set my own goal, started doing it and I made it happen. It did not hit my goal at the first time I tried but it got better in every time that I failed and kept doing it.

It taught me that…

If You Can Dream It,
You Can Do It.

Everyone can dream and everyone can do it. Just keep doing and don’t give up.

Believe In Yourself.

No one can believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.

Be In The Right Place At The Right Time.

I just found out that sometime we don’t have to try too hard, just stay consistent and wait for the right time, that is enough.

Surround Your Self With People Who Care And Respect You.

Love yourself enough. You know that you can not change how people feel about you. You have things need to be done so do not waste your time on things you can not change.

Family Comes first.

The last but the most important thing.
They always love you, got your back and always want to see you go as far as you can.

This year has been a year of growth and change. Every step along the way, they gave me great opportunities and experiences. I am grateful for those things and hope next year brings me more great things.

Happy New Year ♡

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